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New Products  

We are glad to offer you our new herbal products, for your BETTER HEALTH and BETTER LIFE! Our Herbal products are 100% natural and without side-effects.

Pure Tongkat Ali Herbal Capsules

Benefits of Tongkat Ali Root: -increased overall vitality for both men and women, as an aphrodisiac, libido enhancement or increases sexual desire, assist in maintaining erections, can cure erectile dysfunction, promote semen quality, increases testosterone in the blood, can maintain mental clarity and handle stress, used by bodybuilders to increase muscle mass and strength.

Price: Per Bottle

50 capsules - Php 350.00

100 capsules - Php 700.00

150 capsules - Php 950.00

Dealer Price: Minimum of 5 bottles

50 caps. x 5 Php 300.00 /bottle = Php 1,500

100 caps. x 5 Php 600.00 /bottle = Php 3,000

150 caps. x 5 Php 900.00 /bottle = Php 4,500

To Order, Text or Call: Raffy - 0912-4478933

Php 700.00 (500mg x 100 caps.)


Our natural BEAUTY CREAM made from herbal GLUTATHIONE and “AHA” - The most powerful ANTIOXIDANT and IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER that makes your skin FINER, SOFTER and WHITER. It also contains the NEW FERMENTED BLACK TEA that prevents drying of the skin. Maintains it’s elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Continuous use will maintain your youthful appearance.

Php 295.00/Jar (50 grams)


Many believe that the only method or way that can change sagging breasts is by surgery. Many have proven that regular exercise plus using a good breast cream, applied regularly will help the bosom be firm and full. NOW, here's the Enchantinz HERBAL BUST LOTION for you to use in order to develop and maintain a firm, younger looking bust. No exercises needed. It is made from pure extract of selected herbs plus natural vitamin E. No drugs, placenta or hormone are added. It's completely safe to use without any side effects.

Php 195.00/bottle (125 ml.)


If you are OVERWEIGHT and blaming yourself for not getting thin or presently using other slimming lotions but not receiving good results, here's your chance to melt those fats away. Simply apply this Herbal Slimming Lotion. The fat melting action of the herbal extracts will dissolve inner excess fats, thus making you slimmer. It is tested excellent for obesity, removes cellulite, and “saddlebag thighs”. It is safe to use and has no side-effects.

Php 195.00/bottle (125 ml.)


Varicose veins occur in the legs of about half of the females after the age of 40. Long standing and sitting motionless cause varicose veins. If untreated, the veins may spread, thicken, harden, and cause severe pain. Skin rashes and ulcerations may also appear, and in severe cases, the legs become so swollen that the person can’t move. Before varicose veins become serious, use this Herbal Anti-Varicose Lotion. It’s highly effective in the treatment of varicose veins and arteriosclerosis. It helps reduce swelling and hardening of the blood vessels. It also helps to normalize blood circulation.

Php 195.00/bottle (125 ml.)


When the skin grows older and drier, it loses its elasticity. It develops WRINKLES and sagging areas, especially in the face, around the mouth and eyes. Ultraviolet rays from the sun, exposure to the wind, infection, improper nutrition, and intense emotions all hasten skin aging. Now, it is possible to reduce wrinkles by using natural lubricating creams and lotions. But, some chemical cosmetics can do more harm than good. So, here's our natural Anti-wrinkle Lotion. It is made from pure herbal extracts with natural vitamins A and E added to nourish the skin. Continuous use of this natural lotion will maintain the youthful appearance of the skin especially on the face.

Php 195.00/bottle (125 ml.)


Here’s our first time offer for the year 2008! Taken from the ancient books of MAGICAL FORMULARY, here are some proven effective ancient natural perfumes. Thousands claimed good results and benefits from using them. It is handed down from generation to generation and up to the present time, many of those who are lucky to use them believe of its efficacy. To make them more effective, the RARE thousand-year-old GENUINE DIGNUM WOOD is added which is believed to be the kind of wood used in Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. It brings good luck and is used against all evils and enemies. Here they are:

MONEY DRAWING PERFUME. A special blend of natural perfumes for protection against suffering from financial losses, also said to attract money and material gain.
GOOD LUCK PERFUME. Brings good luck in gambling, investing, business, and attracts good fortune in all areas of life.
PERFUME TO ATTRACT WOMEN. Used by men who wish to attract beautiful women and build a long lasting relationship.
For women who desire to attract good men for keeps. JINX REMOVER PERFUME. An extremely powerful perfume that helps overcome the effects of love potions, evil spells, hexes, and curses (sumpa).

Php 295.00/Spray Botlle


This ADVANCED FORMULA HERBAL HAIR GROWER TONIC is made from concentrated extracts of SOUTHERNWOOD, the ancient herbs used to restore the growth of the HAIR & BEARD and selected oriental herbs to give you the following benefits: 1.) IT IS AN EFFECTIVE REMEDY FOR DANDRUFF, 2.) IT BRINGS OUT THE NATURAL HEALTHY SHINE OF THE HAIR, 3.) IT STRENGTHENS AND MOISTURIZES THE HAIR, 4.) IT MAKES HAIR SOFT AND MANAGEABLE, 5. ) IT STOPS FALLING HAIR. It treats ALOPECIA AREATA and common BALDNESS. Make’s the hair grow thicker and darker after 1-3 months of continuous use. NO harmful chemicals, coloring and alcohol are added. This is a pure NATURAL HERBAL EXTRACT and an excellent substitute for other hair dressings for both men and women.

Super Strong:

Php 495.00/bottle (125 ml.)

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